5 Kinds of food that fit in 3D printing

From my previous article, 3D Printing Meals in Space and Right at Your Table, we talk about the idea of 3D food printing. In this article we will discuss the kinds of food that can be printed and that actually exist today.


Chocolate 3D printer

3D food printing caught the eye of one of the biggest chocolate company in America, The Hershey Company. According to Nasdaq, William Papa of Hershey Company says: “We believe that innovation is key to delivering relevant, compelling consumer experiences with our iconic brands. Whether it’s creating a whole new form of candy or developing a new way to produce it, we embrace new technologies such as 3D printing as a way to keep moving our timeless confectionery treats into the future”. To develop and produce a 3D printed chocolate, Hershey Company takes their step to team up with 3D Systems and signup a multi-year of the joint development agreement. However, this is not the first sign of 3D printed chocolate in the world; there are such companies that have already been developing techniques for 3D printed chocolate.


pizza 3D Printer

For the sake of astronauts’ health, System & Materials Research awarded NASA to study and develop a 3D pizza printer with $125, 000 worth of funds. They are planning to make a 3D food printer that can last for as long as 30 years since astronaut’s missions can last for several years. The process of this 3D printer is, first, it will print the first layer of the dough onto a heated plate, then it will lay down the tomato base that is stored in a powdered form that will be mixed with water and oil, and then, lastly,add in the “protein layer”, like pepperoni, salami and ground beef.
Watch this video on how 3D printer prints Pizza:


Pancake 3D printer

The market for pancake nowadays is thinking of a new way to produce unique and highly complex pancake styles. Eating an Eiffel Tower pancake is potentially really interesting. The Californian Festival Maker Faire developed a new food printer which is called the PancakeBot. This 3D food printer enables users to create a highly complex shaped collection of pancakes such that, when stacked together, it is possible to recreate an Eiffel tower and other structures. This will surely inspire every user, especially kids, to have fun with their food.

Watch this video on how 3D printer prints Eiffel Tower Pancake:

Ice pops

ice pop 3D printer

The Netherlands, a new company in Amsterdam,is developing a 3D food printer that will print on-site ice creams; this is called MELT ice pops. The idea of this 3D food printer is that it can be used at festivals and events. Why this printer looks more interesting is because its users are able to print their own design such as printing user’s own head or a drawing using a 3D scanner. However, printing and creating an ice cream is very complicated, that’s why the company is using a CNC-machine that will drill a sculpture in the block of ice. To make MELT ice pops possible, there are 61 people who have donated a funded the project to make the 2745 euros worth of machine possible.

Chickpea nuggets

chickpea nuggets 3D printer

This vegetarian nugget that is made of chickpeas, garlic, spices, bread crumbs, olive oil and salt is created using 3D food printer. Lynette Kucsma, the co-founder of Natural Machines says that this 3D food printer can also produce hash browns, cookies, brownies, and crackers. The latest 3D printer of Natural Machines in Barcelona is a 3D printer that can produce any kind of food that is made of dough and paste or stiff liquid such as pies and pastries, bread, and pasta.

Images from: 3dprinting.com


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